Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Snippet From 'The Soul Stealer' ...

Work on The Soul Stealer, book #5 of my Geomancer’s Apprentice series, is coming along nicely. I thought I’d share a snippet today.

The photo below of Chinatown, Washington, D.C., is mine, taken on a beautiful, sunny day. The Friendship Archway, the historic area’s symbolic gateway, is said to be one of the largest ceremonial arches outside China. It was the inspiration for the series!

Look to the column on the right to read more about the background and themes for the books. 


As they strode past the Friendship Archway, a woman bent down and tried to pick Hu up. She backed off when he arched his back and bared his teeth.

You’re not supposed to pet him,” Junie told her. “He’s a service animal.”

Oh, sorry,” the woman said. “He’s beautiful, but not very friendly.”

He’s not,” Junie agreed. “That’s part of his training.” If the woman only knew the guardian could rip her in two with one swipe of his paw.