Friday, September 1, 2023

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My novella Offerings for the Dead is a bonus adventure exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

Some of you may be familiar with Pearl Tham, the novella's main character. Pearl is half sister to Joe Tham, the geomancer in my Geomancer’s Apprentice series. Pearl makes her first appearance in book #2, The Forgotten Guardian.

You don’t have to read the series first before starting on this adventure. Offerings for the Dead takes place many years before Pearl reunites with Joe and meets Joe’s apprentice Junie Soong.

Here's the blurb:


Treasure. Betrayal. Death.

A tomb hidden in a remote mountain in China, filled with treasure.

This should be an easy job for grave robber and art thief Pearl Tham. However, things go wrong from the start. A storm springs up, forcing Pearl and her team to seek shelter in an abandoned village.

She discovers before long that the village isn’t abandoned after all. The things there have been around for hundreds of years and they’re hungry. Very hungry.

Pearl has her Dragon powers, her katana and her gun. Will they be enough to save her life, let alone the lives of her lover and her friends?

Offerings for the Dead is a bonus adventure to The Geomancer’s Apprentice urban fantasy series. This tale is for you if you like strong female characters, antiheroes, Asian magic and mysticism, and terrifying monsters from Asian folklore.


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