Sunday, October 22, 2023

Thank you, The Redhead Notes, for a Nice Review!

The Geomancer’s Apprentice, the first book in my urban fantasy adventure series, got a nice review and write-up in The Redhead Notes blog and website.

An excerpt:

“While I enjoy fantasy with metaphysical and paranormal aspects, I was worried that the book might fall more into the horror category due to the inclusion of spirits, monsters, and supernatural violence. I almost set the book aside at the first mention of a Chupacabra. What can I say? I’m easily scared! I was pleasantly surprised to find that Leong is skilled at breaking up the scary bits to make them more manageable for people like me. By interspersing the lighter parts of the story, such as a blossoming romance for Junie, it offers respite from the darker side.”

My thanks to the blog, as well as to readers and reviewers everywhere. I truly appreciate your support.

And you heard it here, folks. My series is perfect for your Halloween read!

Check out the full review and blog piece: