Feb. 24, 2022

Book Birthday and Nature Hikes

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of February. I hope you’re all having a great year so far. This is a short note to catch you up on what’s going on at my end.

As I said in my last newsletter, The Geomancer’s Apprentice turned a year old on Feb. 4 this year. Please check out my blog post on why I decided to become an indie author, and what I’ve learned about the publishing business so far.

In other news, I continue to work on Book 3 of the Geomancer’s Apprentice series. I’m not writing as fast as I would like, but I’m happy to be making progress.


I wanted to share a reader’s lovely review of The Geomancer’s Apprentice on Goodreads. It made my day!

Authors, especially indie authors, appreciate reviews because they help to make our work more visible. Thank you for your reviews and/or ratings!

Mood Boards

I also wanted to share with you mood boards that I created for promoting The Geomancer’s Apprentice and The Forgotten Guardian:

Joss Paper

By the way, if you’re interested in Southeast Asian myths and folklore monsters, please check out Joss Paper, my collection of short horror stories.

It’s $0.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited. You can read a few sample pages on Amazon.

Nature Pics

For me, unwinding means reconnecting with nature. I live in a rural area so that makes it easier.

With the weather turning nicer, my husband and I have been hiking in the mountains near my house. Here are a few photographs. The path we’ve been using is partly covered by green moss that looks yellow in sunlight.

The path could almost be the fabled yellow brick road. When I’m on it, I feel like I’m off to see the Wizard of Oz!

Feng Shui Tip

Finally, I’m ending with a tip from feng shui experts Joe Tham and Junie Soong.

Today’s tip: Uncluttered space, good lighting and good air flow are key factors to creating positive qi, or energy. So clearing up clutter, or even just buying a new lamp are simple ways in which you can revitalize your home or office environment.

As always, happy reading,