Nov. 13, 2021

Book 2 of 'The Geomancer's Apprentice' Series is Now Available on Ebook Platforms

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying The Geomancer's Apprentice.

I’m excited to announce that The Forgotten Guardian, Book 2 of the series, is now available as an ebook on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Google Books.

The paperback version will be coming soon. 


The blurb for the book:

Some secrets are better left buried …

The old, abandoned temple near Chinatown is one of Washington, D.C.’s best-kept secrets. It is dilapidated and its gods have been forgotten. However, something may still remain. Two homeless people are killed on the grounds while a developer is trying to raze the buildings. Now construction workers keep walking off the job.

The developer calls in feng shui practitioners Joe Tham and Junie Soong to speed up the demolition process.

It’s been months since the geomancers cleansed the Kalorama house. Junie is getting to know her newfound abilities. Joe has big plans for their business even as he continues to probe the suspicious circumstances of his father’s death in 1981.

Joe is surprised when his long-lost half sister turns up. His mother Elsie pays a visit next. Elsie has something of grave importance to tell him that cannot wait any longer.

And as Joe and Junie delve into the temple’s mystery, they learn the truth may be far more shocking than they ever imagined.

Price and other details:

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I’m hoping to provide monthly (or so) updates on my books and other writing projects. Given that this is my first email update, I also wanted to properly introduce myself.

I am a former journalist and editor who’s now writing fiction full-time. The Geomancer's Apprentice, published earlier this year, was my debut novel. I also write horror. My second book was a collection of horror short stories set in the United States and Southeast Asia. The book is called Joss Paper

By the way, I also have a blog that's mostly about horror in movies and books. It's at if you're interested.

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In writing the Geomancer's Apprentice books, I wanted a magic system steeped in Chinese folklore (feng shui), but applied to the modern world of Washington, D.C. I chose D.C. because I lived and worked in the D.C. metropolitan area for many years so I know the area well.

The books took more than two years from start to publication. I began writing The Geomancer's Apprentice in December 2018. Both books originally started out as novellas. However, I felt the characters deserved a fuller telling of their stories. 

For more information, please visit my author website at

If you’re interested in the concepts that appear in the Geomancer’s Apprentice series, I’ve posted articles on my website about the five feng shui elements, the monsters from the books, and also the setting. Future articles include a look at the different swords in The Forgotten Guardian.

Please email me at if you would like to know more, or have any questions.

Happy reading!