Friday, April 14, 2023

A New Snippet From 'The Four Perils'

Here's a new snippet from The Four Perils, the soon-to-be-released fourth book in The Geomancer’s Apprentice series. 


The path was narrow and unlit. The tall bushes crowding in on both sides made it look like a tunnel. She shone her beam in—nothing moved in the bright glare. She steeled herself before stepping onto the path. She swept her flashlight from side to side. She took another step, then another.

Without warning, something rushed at her from the bushes to her left. She felt a burst of pain as it brushed past her legs. She swung her flashlight downward, but the thing had disappeared into the boxwood. She winced and examined her hurt leg. She was bleeding under a ragged tear in her pants.

While her light was on her leg, she sensed movement a few feet ahead of her. She quickly raised her flashlight. 


Catch up with the series before The Four Perils arrives!