Thursday, February 9, 2023

Another Book Birthday, and More Milestones …

This month, February, marks the second year since my debut novel, The Geomancer’s Apprentice, was published in 2021.

The time has passed incredibly quickly. As many of you may know, I’ve since written Books 2 (The Forgotten Guardian) and 3 (The Corpse Ritual) in the series.

Other noteworthy developments:

I’ve finished the first draft of Book 4 of the series. Yippee!! At 85 thousand words, it’s my longest manuscript yet. This is also the shortest time that I’ve taken to complete a first draft. It wasn't easy. On some days the words just flowed; on others it was a slog.

Writing is hard work, people.

And there is still a lot more to do. I’m about to start on edits. The manuscript goes to my beta readers after that. 

Stay tuned for further developments on the book, including title and cover reveal. I also plan to release snippets. As to content, expect more magic, mayhem and monsters in the latest installment of Junie and Joe’s adventures. It all builds on what has come before, of course.

In other matters, The Geomancer’s Apprentice and The Forgotten Guardian are reaching key milestones in terms of reader reviews/ratings on Amazon. The Geomancer’s Apprentice is up to 96 while The Forgotten Guardian is at 45.

I’m crossing my fingers that the books will soon reach 100 and 50 reviews/ratings, respectively.

Thank you so much to the readers who have reviewed or rated the books. I truly appreciate it. Reviews/ratings help with a book and an author’s visibility.

This is my latest review (and one of my favorites):


That's it for now. Later, and happy reading!