Wednesday, August 3, 2022

‘The Geomancer’s Apprentice’ Series, Book 3: Cover Reveal for ‘The Corpse Ritual'

I’m excited to reveal the cover for The Corpse Ritual, the upcoming third book in my Geomancer’s Apprentice series.

There are still a few issues to iron out. I hope to release the book later this month. I'll share more details as I get nearer to a publication date. 

I’ve also overhauled the covers for the first two books to reflect a more cohesive look for the series. In addition, I wanted to add more elements in the covers to make it clear to readers that the books are in the urban fantasy genre, and feature Asian magic.

The ebooks and paperbacks now come with the new covers.    

That’s the beauty of indie publishing. You have the flexibility to make changes that you might not otherwise have in traditional publishing.

It’s been one and a half years since the publication of The Geomancer’s Apprentice, my debut novel. It’s been a blast so far. The learning curve is steep for an indie author in terms of the craft and what constitutes good marketing.

I’m still learning, and I hope you’ll keep reading.