Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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The Geomancer's Apprentice

Junie Soong reaches a new low in her life after being fired from Starbucks. Her brother is brilliant, her parents are stars in their professions, while she … trails behind in everything. Her mother finally talks Joe Tham, a struggling geomancer and feng shui master based in Washington, D.C.,’s Chinatown, into taking Junie on as his apprentice. 

Junie tags along when Joe is summoned to a client’s house to deal with her cellar's unhealthy atmosphere. While there, they stumble upon a weird sinkhole that appears out of the blue. Junie finds out during their investigation that monsters are real. She also discovers she may be the last of a line of warriors who possess the ability to control qi, the essential life force underpinning the universe.

Junie must now race against time to learn how to wield her powers while fending off shape-shifting, malevolent creatures from the depths of Diyu, the Chinese version of Hell. Not only that, she and Joe must lay to rest the ghosts that are suddenly manifesting in the cellar. 

Will this be enough to save their client—and secure their commission?

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"Junie Soong’s journey from young coffeeshop-employee reject to unconventional hero in Yin Leong’s The Geomancer’s Apprentice is a rousing joyride! The pairing of Junie with on-the-brink-of-retirement geomancer Joe Tham as they rush to discover dragons and crush monsters is both humorous and inspired. 

"While other books set in Washington, D.C., dwell on Capitol Hill and probe politics, this refreshing tale gives us a fascinating glimpse into the otherworldly orbit that might just exist in the shadow of the fabled Chinatown Gate. Quite simply, I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I loved it."

—Ellen Byerrum, author of the Crime of Fashion Mysteries